Privacy Policy

It has always been Cryptic Invention's steadfast policy to safeguard your information, refraining from any form of selling to third parties for advertising or monetary gain, or displaying external ads and promotions. For nearly 12 years, we have remained unwaveringly committed to this principle. The objective of this policy is to elucidate what information we collect from you, how we utilize it, who has access to it, and the options available to you regarding it.

Any website affiliated with Cryptic Invention that links to this policy is governed by these terms. These terms equally extend to the services provided by Cryptic Invention through its websites. However, it's important to note that the following Privacy Policy does not extend to any of our websites or services that possess a distinct policy.

Here's the operational framework:

What information does Cryptic Invention collect?

Cryptic Invention solely collects your information if it serves a legitimate purpose. The information we possess about you is either directly provided by you or procured from a third party. The ensuing sections delineate the various scenarios falling under each of these categories, as well as the data collected within each.

Information provided by you

This encompasses data furnished by you through avenues such as Project Creation, Enquiry Forms, Emails, Third Party Partners for generating new inquiries, Feedback submissions, and Payment processing. These are channels through which you willingly provide us with information for lawful use.

Information collected from third parties

We may gather information from social media platforms, other publicly available sources, and referrals, through which we acquire data pertinent to you.

Purposes for utilizing information

In addition to the aforementioned purposes, we may employ your information for the subsequent reasons:

  • Sending you messages (e.g., via email) concerning projects you are engaged in, services you are seeking, modifications to this Privacy Policy, alterations to the Terms of Service, or other critical information.
  • Establishing and maintaining your account, and undertaking all requisite actions for delivering our services, such as facilitating collaboration, eliciting requirements, crafting projects, and deploying them.
  • Furnishing information about new services, forthcoming events, offers, promotions, and other relevant details that we believe will be of interest to you.
Retention of information

We retain the data in your account for the duration of your utilization of Cryptic Invention Services. Upon termination of your contract with Cryptic Invention or upon completion and delivery of the project, your data, code, and database will be securely stored solely for backup and repository purposes. Additionally, your personal and service data information as a client will be archived within our ERP system for future reference and accounting necessities.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at